Kingston: In 1996, two unlikely Jamaican artists, DJ Bounty Killer and singer Richie Stephens teamed on a song called “Mania” that was included on Bounty’s ‘My Xperience’ album. The combination proved lethal and immediately set the dancehall world in a musical frenzy.



Almost 22 years later, Bounty and Richie have partnered again, this time with Richie’s Italian Ska Nation band on a hot new Ska track called “Bad Boys In Town.”


“It was over 20 years ago that I had a new riddim and was looking for a young artist to do a combination song with” Stephens recalled. “Bounty immediately came to mind so I drove to his home in Seaview Gardens and played the riddim with my vocal for him. He loved it! Bounty’s unique DJ style combined with my deep baritone vocals proved magical at the time and as they say the rest is history.”


The new Ska song and accompanying music video will be released in early May and if the early vibe on the street is anything to go by, they have another hit on their hands.


“Bounty was very receptive when I pitched this new project to him. We are good friends and we respect each others talent. We are both very concerned about what’s happening musically in Jamaica and the legacy we are leaving for the young youths of today. Fact is that Ska is an important part of our musical history that has been tossed aside. Sad to say other international musicians have taken it up and are making strides globally. The time is now for us to embrace our past and make it work for us in a positive way” he noted.




The music video for “Bad Boys In Town” was shot with a number of young, talented dancers in Kingston a few weeks ago. The video release comes just ahead of Stephens & Ska Nation’s upcoming performance at Reggae Sumfest 2017 which unfolds in Montego Bay in July.


Produced by Pot Of gold & Adriatic Sound


Bad Boys In Town – Richie Stephens & The Ska Nation Band feat. Bounty Killer


Voice: Richie Stephens, Bounty Killer


Backing Vocals: Paola Pierri


Drum: Antonio “Fossa” Miglietta
Bass: Raffale “Papa Leu” Leo
Guitar: Raffaele “Papa Leu”
Keyboards: Alessandro “Maestro” Garofalo
Sax: Luca Manno
Tromba: Giancarlo Dell’Anna
Trombone: Gianluca Ria
Brass arrangements: Luca Manno


Recorded by Raffaele”Papa Leu ” Leo @ Pot of gold studio, Adriatic sound studio
Studio assistant: Vincenzo Morello
Mixed and mastered by Wacko @ Pot Of Gold studio Kingston Jamaica


Art work: Emanuele “Rankin Lele” Tafuro


Video Director: Kemstyle

Ska Nation - Everybody Dance

Ska Nation – Everybody Dance



SkaNation_Booking Worldtour 2017

SkaNation_Booking Worldtour 2017





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Sud Sound System Tour 2016

Sud Sound System Tour 2016




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